Playlist One: So It Begins

Music is MASSIVELY essential to my writing process. And I KNOW how common a thing this is for writers do say and yeah, we all post our playlists, but hear me out! There’s no way PJ could star in a book that music wasn’t a huge part of writing! A few things have been on repeat while I’ve been working on Kid Riot, and I wanted to share them with you.

Kimbra – “Teen Heat” (This has been my jam for MONTHS now)

BT – “Lifeline”

Foster The People – “Are You What You Wanna Be?”

Ellie Goulding – “Stay Awake”

Aaliyah – “One In A Million”

Florence & The Machine – “Drumming Song”

Mariah Carey & Nas – “Dedicated” (A little modern throwback to set the mood)

Janet Jackson – “Control” (You’ll find a lot of Janet, Tori, and Mariah on these lists)

Alicia Keys – “Lesson Learned”

Imoen Heap – “The Listening Chair”

Tori Amos – “16 Shades Of Blue”

Robyn – “Robotboy”

Meshell Ndegeocell – “Friends”

Kesha – “Lover”

Mika – “We Are Golden”

Maxwell – “Ascension”

These songs have been just a few of what shaped The Moment. It was hard to narrow the list down to these as some songs had to be cut because they relate to spoilers and can’t have that either. Hope this playlist gives a little insight into my process. Or you’re about to look up a ton of songs. Either way, stay tuned for this weekend’s debut of the awesome The Adventures of Kid Riot and the Evolution #1 from The Riotverse here at The Demon Hotel!