THE RIOT SQUAD is more kick ass than ever now that they’ve taken in the identity Squadron. Seven unique, super voices coming together to create the only team that can keep their city safe.

What do you do when your city no longer needs you to save it? The State Hero Program is changing, and not everyone gets to keep their cape. Find out what happens as GOLDSTAR & THE DTT investigate the corners of the Riotverse.

Only the bravest can keep up with the heroes and capture their stories. Only the most honest can tell their truths unfiltered. Four powerful wonmen come together to keep Supers Journalism real in CAPES & BOOTS.


PJ Behr is waiting for his moment, his chance to be a hero. It finally comes in the form of his longlost idols, The Riot Squad. But is he ready to be KID RIOT!?

It takes all of a city’s best to create order, best don’t always see eye-to-eye. NJ-STATE enforces the laws; THE ID SQUADRON break them. But they both want the same thing – to keep their city safe.

Hero High

Welcome to the coolest high school around: HERO HIGH! The cliques fight crime and the class clowns spend detention plotting to take over the universe!

We all wear masks. We all know it. Here at The Demon Hotel, we look at it all a little differently. Sure, we all have different faces, but who only wears one at a time?

What if we’re each our own grand hotel – a place where our different selves can come and go. And like any hotel, it’s got a bar where they can all mingle.

These are the people telling their stories.

Felix’s Notebook

20 Jan: A Very Special Special Edition!

Hey everybody! It’s been a while since I did one of these, but hey, there’s been a pretty nonstop onslaught of Kid Riot. Lets see, Kid’s been pretty busy meeting and teaming up with new Hero Reform Candidate Ally, finally…

20 Nov: The Stars are coming out!

Hey everyone! Well, we said Kid Riot’s second year would have some surprises. We are excited to bring you the FIRST OF MANY announcements before the end of 2015! Starting next week, The Demon H0tel officially launches our second ongoing title!…

04 Aug: Making Comics 3: Collaboration

NOTE: You can find parts 1 and 2 of this series in those links! One of my greatest disappointments in life is I’m not a better artist. Now, I’ve worked at it, and can sort of execute some….lines and shapes?…

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