A Very Special Special Edition!

Hey everybody!

It’s been a while since I did one of these, but hey, there’s been a pretty nonstop onslaught of Kid Riot. Lets see, Kid’s been pretty busy meeting and teaming up with new Hero Reform Candidate Ally, finally getting to the bottom of things with Sure Shot & The Supernovas, not to mention DID YOU SEE HIM ON ROBERTA’S SHOW!?

So, 2014 kicked us off with a bang, 2015 KILLED IT (19 ISSUES OF KID RIOT in 2015!!!!!!!!!!) and now 2016 is upping the game. AGAIN.

Starting this week, Kid Riot Special Edition gets 1) a new, longer format, with more original content 2) a BRAND NEW art team & 3) a whole new look! You don’t want to miss this one as we follow Diva on a solo adventure, familiar villainous faces return, and begin the mystery of The Corvid.

“Stars, a kid riot distraction” continues to play out through Universe Presents, after which we see the return of “How To Hero!” featuring more Sheehan goodness.

OF COURSE Kid Riot himself is back in no time, too, showing up in Kid Riot 17, which features all the cutest sidekicks ever (JUST. WAIT.). This 2-parter by Vasilo/Inglima/Risse is one of those turning points we love so much so don’t miss it.

The Demon Hotel. Zipping right along in 2016.