The Demon Hotel Previews Blog Post

Now that Marvel and DC have decided to so consistently renumber their lines that a title with 10 issues can be considered long-running by their standards, I’m coming to see a lot of things about the comics industry. Good, bad, and in between. BUT! This isn’t about other companies, this is about TDH!

We’ve been working hard to figure out how best to deliver our content to you, our readers. There’s been an on-going struggle – the kinds of stories we’re looking to tell, and the way we’re looking to tell them, well, there doesn’t seem to be much room in the market for them. Stories are decompressing further and further. Issues gave way to arcs and arc have given way to conceptualized runs, where one story is all 10 issues of the series.

This isn’t even really about that, though, and as per usual, focusing on a single topic in one of these is next to impossible.

What this is about is feel. One of these thing we’re striving for with Kid Riot is a small singular universe. We want to give you a microcosm of fascinating, inclusive, unique characters. So that’s what we’re going to do!

We’ve been talking a lot about changing formats and new things coming, and we’re pretty excited to lay those plans out for you, kind of like a TDH’s own blog-post-Previews-guide.

Kid Riot will continue to zip ahead through his sidekicking adventures. Kid 17-18 are a two-parter NOT to be missed, and if you’ve been reading Kid Riot Universe Presents, you won’t want to miss the follow-up in Kid Riot 19-20, which will see the Kid Riot Special Edition 5 creative team of M Rifkin & yours truly take over lines and colors on the title. 19 also debuts our new, longer format for Kid Riot, which means more pages, more adventures, more heroes, and more danger.

Kid Riot Universe Presents was always intended to house more than one story at a time – and so starting with the 6th issue, we’ll be changing over to that format permanently. UP 6-7 feature work by nearly everyone at TDH, and with issue 8, Kid Riot Universe Presents will debut its on-going A-feature, Capes & Boots. C&B, created by Sheehan/Vasilo (WHAT IS IT WITH THIS GUY?) will be a look at heroics from the other side of the camera, and will feature a nearly all women-of-color cast. We’re incredibly proud to deliver this title to you, and can’t wait to show you the INSANE IDEAS Tori cooked up for Task Force & Ro…well, now I’m saying too much.

And lastly. Kid Riot will continue to post first to, but roughly 3 months after its posting date, get ready for Kid Riot Universe to make its debut on Comixology! These HD ~32 page collections will feature all of the stories from the Riotverse, collected in order and will be available monthly.

So, hold onto your headphones, grab your ruck-stick you stole from a Nova, and hope you packed your Riot Nets cuz 2016 is Kid’s year.