Republican or Democrat.
Coke or Pepsi.
Google or Apple.
HBO or Showtime.
Marvel or DC.

Everytime we restrict our thinking down to a two-party system, we miss out on all of the things between and beyond those goalposts. I grew up on X-Men, Daredevil, Sandman, Hellblazer, Batman, and Thor. When my Dad would mention to me other comics, not at these two houses, I’d just balk. What could anyone possibly want from other companies when these two had SO MUCH to offer. They really did and they really do, absolutely. But not everything is Big 2.

Liberal. (Or Conservative if that’s your thing)
Root Beer. (Or Sprite or Cream Soda or Orange Soda or Juice)
Microsoft (LOL the day someone said Microsoft as an alternative the most popular thing)
Netflix. (Or Hulu or DVD or basic Cable or NO TV)
Image. (Or Dark Horse or IDW or Boom/Archaia)

This isn’t a call to people to read The Demon Hotel more because, sure, yeah, I’d love that. But if you’re already reading this, then you already read TDH, and that’s pretty awesome. There’s too many comics and comic creators out there in this digital age to not diversify what how we ingest art. Here at TDH, we strive to make sure out work has a varied feel between the different titles and projects, and we’ve got things rolling out in season 2 that’ll blow your minds.

I’m certainly guilty of that “Well, this is how it was, so this is how it’ll stay” mentality at times. But there’s a WEALTH of non-Big 2 comics to check out as well. Here’s some SERIOUSLY off the top of my head.

Love & Rockets.

I love my Big 2, I sure do. But keep an open mind and a set of open eyes and see what happens.