Hard To Believe

Hey all,

It’s Nico with another infrequent-but-I-mean-to-post-with-more-regularity blog post.

So, a year ago, myself, Taryn, and Kevo sat out back and said, “Okay, we’re really effing doing this. Alright. Let’s plot this mother.”

We sat down and came up with a 12-issue outline. Looks nothing like the story that came out. Characters came and went, along with their stories. Some of what exists was in that original plan, but in so many ways, not at all. Which, I mean, that’s the lesson of every how-to-write-but-I-have-no-clue-what-I’m-saying blog post I try to write. Planning is great, but until you’re executing it, it’s all guess work. Some of the best moments come to us as the issue is in production.

But anyway. What’s fun is despite the changes, some form of the current arc always fell in these issues. It’s a pretty special arc to us, too. A lot of these characters and moments came to us in that initial pitch session, and we’re really excited to share them with you guys.

Another one of those early ideas is the Sure Shot serial running in Kid Riot Special Edition with BOSS ASS art by Tori Sheehan (kicked off by Taryn!)!

Above, there’s a link to ChadleyC’s amazing The Adventures Of Kid Riot and The Evolution. It’s a dynamic ride, taking PJ to the some incredible places (and some scary ass shit, too)! What’s coming is bad ass, so be ready.

But , yeah. You should check out the Recap and then dive into PJ and the Wolf. It’s pretty cool.