No, We’re Not A Little Crazy. We’re Completely Nuts.

By now, hopefully, we’ve made our intentions clear. Being a hero is about what you do. That’s it.

Kid Riot #1-5 you met a microcosm of heroes. In The Adventures of Kid Riot and the Evolution, you met, well, the future. Now we’re ready to bring you more.

There’s a whole new world of heroes for Kid Riot to hang out with. A lot of heroes. Like, a lot a lot. When we set out to create a world for PJ to play in, we knew it needed to be full of characters just as real and special as PJ. The Squad fell into place quickly, then so did about a million other characters we can’t wait to introduce you to. I’ll let you meet quite a few of them during “Time,” Kid Riot’s second major arc!

Sounds like a lot? Well, it’s a lot for PJ to keep track of, too. So, in order to help make sense of this crazy new hero game, starting this month, Kid Riot’s private Riot Control files will be available to the public through a series of issues we’re calling Kid Riot Special Edition! The Riot Files will be a new feature where everyone’s favorite Zipstar lays it out for us: who these people are, what they can do, and definitely if they’re friend or foe. Now, what’s even cooler than Kid Riot sharing his private information with you? These Riot Files are actually part of the story – written by PJ himself.

Of course, these aren’t just stat guides. Each issue will feature The Riot Squad Presents: ZipStrips – new illustrated prose stories focusing on some of your favorite Riotverse stars. Not pulling any punches, our first story is all about everyone favorite recently-unretired-super, Riot! Kid Riot Special Edition.

Because 2 titles just wasn’t enough.