How Many Titles Does It Take To Keep A Speedster Busy?

The Demon Hotel is a place inside of all of us. It’s that place in us where we keep our other ourselves when we don’t need them, when we aren’t ready to face them. We pass each other in the elevator and feel that lurch as it hits the ground floor, or we pass them on the way to the bathroom at The Lounge. It’s always there, though. Always a place we can go.

Sometimes, people stop in and wind up staying longer than originally planned. And the good news is we always have vacant rooms. Yesterday, Taryn, Kevo, Adam, & myself welcomed Joe to the team. Today, The Demon Hotel grows even bigger.

The Riotverse started a small idea – just a place for PJ to grow into being a superhero. Ideas, though, become something more when people believe in them. The Riotverse had stories in it even we didn’t know. Chadley C, though, knew.

You’ll still get Kid Riot, PJ’s continuing journey of becoming the hero of Old Brunswick featuring Riot and Diva, of course. Starting next arc, Kid Riot is going to meet some new friends, foes, and challenges he never could have imagined would come up. But even with all that, a hero like PJ is Fast-As-What and can’t be contained.

By now you’ve seen the preview art on Tumblr – something is happening to PJ, alright! He’ll be starring in The Adventures of Kid Riot and the Evolution, a new limited series with story, script, and art ChadleyC (talk about full service!). His story and art are AWESOME, bold and shocking, and the best part? It’s completely in-continuity. It’ll be a wild ride for PJ who, barely used to this super-thing, is going to face things he can’t imagine. It’s a whole new side of The Riotverse, a whole new set of rules for PJ, and whole lot of new faces.

Now, where everything fits together won’t be hard to figure out by the end of the arcs, so don’t worry about that. It’ll all make perfect sense and be crystal clear. Provided, of course, the Evolution don’t…well, I think I’ll leave that for ChadleyC.

If you can believe it, the announcements aren’t done. We have more coming your way from Kid Riot and The Demon Hotel. Keep your eyes out for The Adventures of Kid Riot and the Evolution #1 by ChadleyC hitting your digital shelves next week, and then stay tuned for more Riot Squading in Kid Riot #6, the first of four one-shots spotlighting new characters, coming your way in March!